Simplify with FixHub

Asset and Maintenance Management

What is Fixhub?

FixHub is a web-based operations, asset and maintenance management  solution that allows facilities and operations managers and their teams to maintain full visibility and control over their facilities, equipment, maintenance and contractors.

Fixhub Mobile Application

How it works.

At the simplest level, FixHub works by allowing equipment operators and facilities managers to raise service requests against machines or equipment using a smartphone or on-site tablet computer. With this simple but powerful process improvement, FixHub can provide reports on equipment performance, service agent response times and repair and maintenance costs across your entire site network.

Maintenance planning.

FixHub will track planned maintenance and equipment warranties, give you access to powerful self-fix tools, ensure your contractors and service providers are compliant with your organisation’s supplier management processes, and allow you to specify how service requests are raised, approved and signed-off.

Fixhub Desktop Application

Platform features

Work Order Management​

Quickly and efficiently manage all aspects of your maintenance requirements, with from logging through to completion.

Asset Register

Record and track all information on your assets including lifecycle costs, service history, warranty and value. All available wherever you are and in real time.

Proactive Preventative Maintenance​

Reduce reactive maintenance and unbudgeted costs through a planned preventative maintenance regime.

Actionable Business Intelligence

Gain Valuable insights to positively impact your business.

FixHub Mobile (IOS/Android)

Out of the office? Take FixHub tablet or mobile application with you.

Platform benefits

Track Service work with instant visibility of all activity, time and costs. Ensure you are not paying more than you should.

Use real-world data to inform spending decisions on new equipment, service providers and service contracts.

Increase asset longevity and maintain availability by following PM schedules and reduce unplanned maintenance costs.

Ensures service calls only go out when absolutely necessary, reducing service costs.

Ensure PM  or inspection work is scheduled and compliant with required standards. Improver SLAs with faster fix times.

Automated Service Management saves time. Paperless and quick to use, increasing productivity of you team and contractors.