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Development Experts since 2008 – A Brief History

“Since 2008 we have digitally transformed dozens of companies, through the creative and appropriate design of smart web and mobile applications. We have digitised off-line processes to reduce friction, increase efficiency and help to make our clients more relevant.

We have designed and developed software to manage processes and to make the tracking and servicing of assets easier.  Embraced the Internet of Things (IoT) and worked with our clients to pull live data from equipment in the field and then use that data in a meaningful and easy-to-use manner. Assisted in the development of life-changing medical Apps that require integration with physical devices via Bluetooth.

Although, the end result of each project is varied, the process never changes – start with a blank piece of paper and listen. Once we understand what the problem is we can then bring existing and third-party tools to bear in order to provide a scalable, secure, flexible and cost effective solution within an appropriate timeframe”

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Custom Web and Mobile Android and iOS Application Development

Greenfinch Technology is a Software Development company with offices in Ireland and UK. We are leaders in the field of custom android and iOS application ( app ) development. We build web and mobile apps for companies of all sizes and types. These apps are normally database applications designed for E-commerce, CRMs, B2B and B2C portals and many more. Presently we are making waves in the SaMD app area with 2 of our ‘software as a medical device’ apps. This, of course, does not mean that we do offer our services to other industries. We have supplied applications to businesses as different as the Restaurant services to Business Consultancy agencies.

Greenfinch specialises in designing and building web and mobile applications based on the Microsoft family of technologies including ASP.NET, Azure Cloud, and Xamarin. Our commercial model accommodates clients that have existing development capability and processes. It is not unusual for us to develop a web or mobile application and have the client handle their own support.

Since we became one of the few companies to be selected to be a Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner we develop most of our custom built android and iOS applications using Microsoft’s new mobile app development platform. This allows us to build apps in half the time at a much-reduced cost. It also vastly simplifies making cross-platform applications.

Advantages of Web Based Applications

A web application – often called ‘cloud-based’ refers to software that doesn’t need to be downloaded and installed on your device. The software is fully usable online through your web browser. An example of a web application would be when you log into the tax office to pay your car tax. The actual application you are using on your computer is stored in the cloud.

An example of a desktop application would be Microsoft Word which is stored on your device.

One advantage of a web application is that they are far more convenient when updating. Think of Windows on your computer. It regularly needs to be updated, often at the most inconvenient times. The web application can be updated on the cloud and the user never sees it or experiences delays because of it.

Another advantage is that it is accessible from any device whether Android, iOS, PC or MAC. For example, as long as you know your Gmail email and password you can access it from ANY device as long as it is connected to the internet.

A third would be better security. Web based applications are normally run from dedicated servers overseen by trained personnel. This means that security is better and any attacks are seen much more quickly.

Advantages of Mobile Apps over Website applications

Mobile device apps have several advantages over websites. Here are a few:

They load faster.
They can be loaded at the touch of a button.
You don’t need internet access to run them.
They can be personalised.
Normally cheaper to develop and run.

Mobile and Web Applications for Most Budgets

The android and ios apps developed by Greenfinch vary from minimum coding and short time frame developed using Microsoft Power-Apps to high-end custom built android and iOS applications for E-commerce.

The majority of our applications are developed using Xamarin but of course, we are fully able to build custom applications using the following technologies.

Microsoft Based Technologies

ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, WPF, SQL Reporting, Azure Cloud, SQL Server and Power Apps

Computer Programming Languages

C/C++, Java, HTML5 & CSS, Objective C, Swift, Twitter Bootstrap, Knockout JS, NODE.JS, Angular JS, PHP, Sencha Touch, jQuery,C# and VB

Mobile Systems

iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Cordova, Ionic, PhoneGap, Xamarin and HTML5

Enterprise Web Applications

Enterprise Content Management, Corporate Internet Portals, Corporate Intranets and Extranets, CRMs, ERP/MRP and Business Intelligence

Rich Internet Applications

Internet B2B and B2C Portals, MArketplaces, Online Stores, Social Commerce, Social Networking and CRMs

APIs and Payment Gateways

Google Maps, PayPal,, Facebook, LinkPoint, Stripe, Google Analytics and 2Checkout are just some of the services we provide.

What Web and Mobile App Services Do We Offer?​

Greenfinch Technology offers a full array of services for developing different android & ios mobile and web applications. These services include:

Mobile App Development:

We use Xamarin or other applications/languages to build you custom mobile applications in order to help you improve your company efficiency and expand its reach. Using Xamarin we can reduce build times, especially when building both android and ios versions.

Web App Development:

By using ASP.NET in conjunction with Azure SQL we can develop custom browser-based web applications to further your business needs.

Analytics Integration into Apps:

Using various Microsoft tools we can embed real-time analytics into your web and mobile applications.

Vision & Speech Recognition Integration:

We can add speech and visual recognition to your web and mobile apps.

Application Integration:

Greenfinch Technology can integrate your mobile and web apps with your other business applications. An example of these would be your accountancy system.

What do we take into consideration when developing our Applications?

User Experience:

Web and Mobile applications are normally there to help frontline staff. When designing these apps we take as much care and consideration for the staff who will be using them as possible. We do this by listening to you and building it from your directions.

Quality Assurance:

For every application, we develop and run an exhaustive QA and Test Plan. This way we know that the app will be as problem free as possible to make it.

Application Security:

Data security is vitally important. While we manufacture these applications we are always very conscious of security and ensure to build in as many security features as is feasible.

Maintenance and Support:

After Implementation, Greenfinch Technology will be happy to supply a maintenance package if required by the client.

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