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A web-based, self-service, governance tool that allowed Zurich to manage and process information more effectively

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A centralised governance process for Claims in a pan European insurance operation included a large number of manual steps as a result of the standardisation of business rules based on different IT systems. The consolidation, verification and reporting of information was becoming increasingly difficult to do in a timely and effective way.

We provided a design and build solution to Zurich Insurance. Working together with an internal team,
Greenfinch agreed base requirements and then produced a “minimum viable product”.

This MVP was then enhanced using our agile development approach until it met all of the customer’s business requirements.

Working with Greenfinch was excellent. They listened to our issues and provided us with a minimum viable solution which they then enhanced to meet our needs completely. The return on this investment is very
significant and Greenfinch made it happen for us.

Ian Thompson, Chief Claims Officer ZIP/EMEA, Zurich Insurance. 

The solution was to provide Zurich with a web-based self-service governance tool which allowed
each business division to:

  • Securely access the tool through their own browser
  • Upload their source claims information
    Get immediate feedback that their source information was in a valid format
  • Have their inputs processed against a suite of business rules to identify breaches
  • Have a report generated flagging any governance breaches which needed to be addressed.

The provided solution automated a previously laborious manual solution and  increased the throughput by a factor of about 30x.

The system was built using Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Framework.