RCSI - Surgical Assessment

An electronic logbook to allow trainee surgeons log details of operations carried out.

The Royal College of Surgeons provides post-graduate surgical training and examinations. Trainees usually train for a minimum of five years, with exams after the second and fifth years. The first two years of training are common for all candidates, for the following three years candidates follow one of seven different specialties.

Trainees are required to keep a logbook in which they must record all of the operations they perform during the period of their training. They record the date, the type of operation, patient information, what role they played in the operation (performed, assisted etc.) and who they were supervised by. Their supervisor then signs off on each operation.

Before we completed this project, trainee surgeons used an entirely paper based system with errors in data entry, lack of visibility, missing records, compliance issues and issues with data security and integrity.

Greenfinch designed and developed an online system which can be used from either a mobile device
or the web and allows trainees to record and review all details of their training.

The data is securely stored and yet is easily accessible. Ease of use for trainees, administrators and supervisors is essential.

We added a suite of reporting and dashboard tools to the supervisors which eased their workload

“Greenfinch implemented several systems for us that had unique requirements. No technical challenge was too hard for them and more importantly they helped us arrive at the best solution and interface to get us better systems than we had originally thought. Every single member of Greenfinch is outstanding in their area. They continue to do work with us and we keep going back to them. No need to look any further.” Donncha Ryan – RCSI

Greenfinch provided a complete Design, Build and Manage service. We worked with the Client to design the application for usability, security and mobility.

The development environment uses automated deployments and tests to maintain the quality of the

We continue to provide enhancements and extensions to the original application.

  • Framework
    • NET
  • Languages
    • C#
    • JavaScript
    • HTML
    • CSHTML
    • SQL
    • CSS
    • LESS
  • UI Technologies
    • Bootstrap 3
    • JQuery
    • AngularJS
  • DB Technologies
    • SQL Server
    • NHibernate
    • FluentMigrator
  • Authentication
    • LDAP
  • Hosting
    • IIS 8

SQL Server 2012