Sherwood Compliance

Designing, building and maintaining a workflow and reporting tool for a client in the insurance industry

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Sherwood Compliance and its related companies operate high volume, high value multi-party supply chain solutions each with multiple complex work flows.

In order to operate these business critical services efficiently and accurately Sherwood Compliance relies 100% on technology.

There was a need for a solution to act as a focal point between the systems of Sherwood’s Customers, Partners and other Third Parties. This solution would be mission critical and would need to operate 24/7 in a robust manner.

Sherwood Compliance required a system to carry out the following processes:

  • Receipt and sending of notifications including those based on complex business rules e.g.
    instructing services for our insurance customers
  • Updates on services being performed
  • Invoice transmissions

We built an integration platform supporting multiple in and outbound communications methods that was named ‘Bosun’. Its workflow based business rules engine allows it to be rapidly configured or reconfigured to support new and changing business requirements.

On top of the platform is a granular reporting and alerting layer that provides the business with insights into the information going through Bosun and provides alerts to any issues that need to be acted on by the business or technical team.

Our business depends on Bosun working. The way it has been designed to allow rapid change while not compromising the resiliency gives us a business edge. Greenfinch’s excellent team and processes make this innovation possible

James Boyle, Head of Business Development.

We provided our Client with a complete Design, Build and Manage service to deliver this business solution.

The solution was designed and implemented rapidly from the ground up by Greenfinch based on the
business requirements provided by Sherwood Compliance.

Throughout the build, and ongoing development of the solution, a SCRUM approach has been followed. This has involved the Client in prioritisation, planning and testing.

As with other services delivered for Sherwood Compliance it operates on Windows Azure.

Greenfinch has set up a continuous build and integration environment with one click deployment to the various environments. This gives the ability to rapidly iterate and meet new business needs.

We continue to provide a full support service for this solution. This includes telephone support, production
support and fixes. We continue to enhance and amend the solution for our Client in line with their business needs using our Team as a Service model with the delivery based on SCRUM principles.

This project was and continues to be delivered by our Microsoft Technologies practice and uses the following main technologies:

  • Azure
  • C#
  • Ext.Js
  • jQuery
  • MVC, Struts2
  • SQL Server
  • SSRS
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Workflow