Siskin Business Process Management System

Siskin is a software platform that allows business users to turn any collaborative business process into a task-oriented web application

What is Siskin?

A Business Process Management System (BPMS) is a software system that uses various methods to locate, model, analyse, measure, improve, and automate a business process.

Greenfinch Technology has designed and developed an efficient yet easy to use Business Process Management System (BPMS) that we named ‘Siskin’. Unlike many other BPMS software, Siskin has been designed with both a front end and a back-end interface. This allows people with no development experience to design a workflow which is then translated into tasks for people on the front end.

Siskin is a highly secure, robust, powerful BPMS that has been in use since 2012 and has helped to manage complex business processes and secure compliance across 4 different continents.

What do other companies say?

Siskin Business Process Management System

The main elements of Siskin are as follows:

  • Dashboard – an attractive and configurable interface that shows the user the key facts, figures, and tasks that relate to them
  • Reports – all of the activity that is managed on Siskin can be translated into reports.  We provide a rich suite of reports that may be accessible by people with sufficient user privileges granted by their administrator.
  • Workflow builder – a browser-based tool that is easy to use and allows a user with no development capability to define a domain model and build a complex workflow
  • Admin tool – a browser-based tool that enables the setting up and managing of new users and new projects, including the reuse and repurposing of existing workflows
  • Task Manager – the main tool which people use to complete tasks, including but not limited to the following –
    • Reviewing available tasks that are open to a group of people and ‘claiming’ a task
    • Downloading and uploading documents and images
    • Reviewing information
    • Approving / Rejecting tasks
    • Making notes
    • Sending messages
    • Translating elements of the solution
    • Marking tasks as ‘Done’
Siskin Business Process Management System

What Exactly can a Business Process Management System (BPMS) do?

It can sometimes be difficult to relate software technology to your own business and what exactly it can do for it. You have read that it automates complicated but repeatable processes saving time and expense, and generally makes life easier.

But what does that mean for your industry?

Greenfinch Technology has a large range of case studies taken from different business sectors and from these we have chosen one sector  –  Insurance.

We have broken down many of the different sections where the Siskin BPMS can improve the insurance business processes. Some of the insurance processes talked about won’t relate in any way to your enterprise, but many will.

Siskin was developed as a universal BPMS. Its versatility and ease of customisation make it ideal for all sectors of business.

What can Siskin Offer the Insurance Industry?​

Why can Siskin be considered probably the best Insurance Business Process Management System (Insurance BPMS)?

Firstly, Siskin can be easily connected through the backend interface to all insurance software systems. Imagine having a single interface that can manage and record all:

  • Claims Management system activities,
  • Policy Management system activities,
  • Broker Management Solutions,
  • Compensation systems,
  • Complaints management systems
  • and many more.

Secondly, Siskin’s front end interface allows easy recording and managing of the tasks that staff performs every day. This means that members of staff have the full history of the clients’ contacts with the insurance company, even down to a phone inquiry. By knowing what caused the loss or gain of a policy sale it is possible to develop a plan for dealing with such clients in the future in order to improve the number of policies converted

The back end interface is also worth more than a mention. Due to its ease of use, it is not necessary to be technical to use it. With only 30 minutes instruction anybody can learn to add new workflows and adjust the model, format, and content of the existing ones. By using the backend interface to connect all the relevant systems every insurance process can be speeded up. The Service Desk agents will be connected to all of the insurance processing systems through the front end interface and this is where time will be saved.

What Else can Siskin do for an Insurance company?

Not only does Siskin make working with the various insurance software systems much more convenient, it also allows easy collaboration between colleagues that are working at different times or locations.

Siskin also allows easy flagging of problems and can be set up so that when certain conditions are met it will automatically notify a certain person/department.

It allows for easier, more secure recording of documents and interactions between members of the public and members of staff. This can be very useful when being compliant is such a large part of the industry.

Interested but still not sure that Siskin will suit your business needs? Why not contact Greenfinch Technology on 01923 375 549 or use our Contact form.

An experienced staff member will be happy to give you a no-obligation consultation. If you wish, they can also point out other sections of your business where efficiency can be improved and time saved by using Siskin.